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With a passionate and supportive team of therapist experts.

In a bite-sized format

Join our community and stay connected during this crazy time.
Monthly membership community.
Opens May 1 

Our community is for health professionals who want to stay connected and inspired during this crazy virus time (and the rest of the year!)

For people who want grow, practice and APPLY their clinical skills with a group of passionate clinicians, super-dedicated to advancing practice for themselves, the profession and their patients. 

A community that cares....50% of proceeds go to support our pro bono services for people with neurologic disorders hit hard by this pandemic

I cannot wait to join this community!
This is what I have been looking for.

What does the community include?

The quick details for you: 

  • Every month:

    • Two live bite-sized online sessions for the latest evidence, creative practical applications, and mentoring with YOUR cases. 

    • Ongoing discussions, patient case posting and mentoring 

    • Engaging application and practice of biopsychosocial and motor learning concepts not found elsewhere

    • Complex cases including post concussive syndrome, functional disorders, complex vestibular, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders AND all of the other neuro--PD, stroke, TBI, movement disorders, etc. 

    • Resources: access to patient handouts and education to download

    • Vault of resources and courses

    • Exclusive discounts on all of our weekend courses and mini courses

  • Access to neuro AND ortho experts from re+active and throughout our network (hello--Mike Studer and Beth Fisher!) to problem solve your toughest patient questions.

  • A community of like-minded therapists committed to advancing their practice. 

  • All for a great value during this time of unknown


Mentoring and creative problem solving with YOUR toughest cases.

Business, residency and fellowship questions--we got you covered! 

Problem solving your toughest patient cases

Do you ever wish that you had your break room full of experts to problem solve your tough cases?  In our mastermind, we create that kitchen table talk. Live small group patient case discussion of your patients!  You upload your case an questions and we problem solve it together.  

Ongoing Discussion

What happens after you see your patients again?  How are they progressing?  What's next?  Ongoing patient case discussion happens privately in our community forum. 


Gain access to practical resources: patient handouts and education, and treatment resources.  So that you can implement and stay up to date.  

  • You are highly motivated and looking to problem solve and grow.

  • You are open to share and collaborate with others to solve hard cases.

  • You are ready to take action to grow to help your most difficult patients. 

  • You like to geek out with fellow passionate therapists.

  • You do not like working in groups.

  • You are not looking for evidence and creativity. 

  • You don't like nerdy neuro puns

  • You are looking for more 1:1 mentoring and a certificate in Advanced Neurologic Care--you need our mastermind--opening back up in July.

Who is this for?

Who is this not for?

Is this community right for you? 

Lost your job in this pandemic?  We got you covered, stay tuned for our scholarships

This course offered not only evidence based research but the resources and immediate application to patients and overall concepts which could apply to all clients.

I loved the fun atmosphere and small group discussion and idea sharing which helped to transition directly to patient care. 

Natalie Thomas, PT, DPT, NCS

Meet the Team


Why learn with Brittany + Julie (and the rest of the team)?

The Experience

The re+active team is a passionate group of PTs, OTs, yoga therapists and personal trainers who think outside of the box, apply evidence in creative ways and have over 100 years of combined experience. 

Julie and Brittany have been running the online learning through re+active through the last two years and have been learning and applying best practices for engagement and practical applications in the online world. 

Julie and Brittany (and many of the re+active team) teach and mentor residents, fellows and students in the neuro world.  

The Expertise

Julie Hershberg has practiced in all settings in the neuro world including acute, inpatient rehab, home health, clinical research, community re-integration, tele-health and outpatient private practice. She started the only neurology-based fellowship program in the world, the Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship, 5 years ago.  She mentors, teaches and supports PTs internationally in their clinical growth.  In addition, she started and runs re+active physical therapy & wellness, an outpatient neurology therapy and fitness practice in the Los Angeles area.  She has gained a lot of business expertise while on the up and down journey of private practice ownership and loves to share lessons learned and help others get started. Most importantly, she adores patient care and mentoring.  She was honored with the 2019 Award for Clinical Excellence in Neurology by the ANPT.  Known for her creativity, enthusiasm and fun in the classroom, she has received several teaching awards at the University of Southern California, as well.  Passionate to the core, she been sharing weekly videos and neuro nuggets with the world for over a year and loves the community of therapists who share her enthusiasm. 

I cannot wait to join this community!
This is what I have been looking for.