[re+active] Dance Evaluation and Treatment


Wondering why you can’t leap as high as you like?  Nursing a chronic hamstring issue that nothing seems to help?


Every dancer’s body is unique.  Therefore, re+active provides truly individualized movement analysis and treatment.  A pilates and biomechanical based movement assessment is completed by a physical therapist with an extensive dance background to help identify areas of strength and growth.  The movement analysis will assess common dance movements and identify potential impairments that can predispose the dancer to injury and/or adversely affect performance.


Who will benefit:

  • The dancer with an acute or chronic injury that would like to return to dancing as quickly as possible.

  • The proactive dancer who would like to improve performance and maximize movement capabilities to prevent injury.



  • In depth PT evaluation with advanced movement analysis technology,  60 minutes = $180, 90 minutes = $250.  This may be covered by your insurance, please call for details. 

  • Consultation for dance teachers available upon request.

  • Email info@re-activept.com for more information. '


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