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With a passionate and supportive team of therapist experts.

Join our clinical mastermind group
6-Month Certificate program to fast-track your clinical expertise
Applications open again in June 2020.  

Our clinical mastermind is for health professionals  who want to accelerate their learning with a SMALL group of passionate clinicians, super-dedicated to advancing practice for themselves, the profession and their patients. 

I cannot wait to sprout my dendrites!
This is what I have been looking for.

What does the clinical mastermind include?

The quick details for you: 

  • Every month:

    • One live online deep dive ($300 value)

    • One live online patient problem solving session ($300 value)

    • Ongoing discussions, patient case posting and mentoring ($200 value)

    • Resources: access to our shared google drive of articles, patient handouts, checklists and templates (read more below). ($400 value)

  • Live in person mentoring and problem solving before and after our live weekend courses.  ($600 value)

  • Access to neuro AND ortho experts from re+active and throughout our network to problem solve your toughest patient questions.

  • As a first mastermind participant--enjoy the ability to join for a month to try it out and lock in a low rate for the 6 months,

  • Your commitment each month:  one mini course or weekend course, 2 hours of live mentoring and collaboration, 2 hours of preparation/ongoing discussion  

  • Total value: $1800--offered at an introductory rate of $177 for the first month. 

Underwater Scuba Diving

Deep Dives

Centered around the theme of our mini courses or weekend courses, join us for a live, small group deep dive on the topic. Don't just answer the question--what do I do?  but more importantly, why do I do it?  This is the transformational question to drive the expert clinician.  Dive into theory and apply it directly (especially for the rare disorders where there are not large RCTs).  NOT a journal club--a patient centered dive to answer your deepest questions. 


In-person mentoring

Join our weekend courses for exclusive mastermind before and after in person mentoring.  Access to other experts in the field and exclusive opportunities to shadow for a day at re+active.  


Problem solving your toughest patient cases

Do you ever wish that you had your break room full of experts to problem solve your tough cases?  In our mastermind, we create that kitchen table talk. Live small group patient case discussion of your patients!  You upload your case an questions and we problem solve it together.  

Study Group

Ongoing Discussion

What happens after you see your patients again?  How are they progressing?  What's next?  Ongoing patient case discussion happens privately in our google documents--all month long.  


Gain access to all of the re+active resources: articles, patient handouts, checklists, templates, etc.  So that you can implement and stay up to date.  

  • You are highly motivated and looking to problem solve and grow.

  • You are open to share and collaborate with others to solve hard cases.

  • You are ready to take action to grow to help your most difficult patients. 

  • You like to geek out with fellow passionate therapists.

  • You have little to no neuro experience.

  • You are not able to put in the work and time right now to grow.

  • You do not like working in groups.

  • You are not coachable or open to suggestions. 

  • You don't like nerdy neuro puns.

Who is this for?

Who is this not for?

We will accept 4-8 people for the Advanced Neurologic Therapy Certificate Program this year--is this right for you? 

This course offered not only evidence based research but the resources and immediate application to patients and overall concepts which could apply to all clients.

I loved the fun atmosphere and small group discussion and idea sharing which helped to transition directly to patient care. 

Natalie Thomas, PT, DPT, NCS

Meet the Team


Neuro PT (2019 ANPT Neuro Clinician of the year!) . Clinician x 18 years. Fellowship Director. USC Instructor x 12 years.  Mom . Wife.  Lover of 90s hip hop and pour over coffee.  

I LOVE my fellow clinicians and translating evidence into practice. 


Ortho PT in a Neuro world . USC Residency Grad. USC instructor. re+active residency director.  Cat Lover. Tea drinker.  Forever gymnast.

I love the ortho and neuro overlap and bridging the gaps. Share some difficult cases and lets figure them out together. 

Other mentors and collaborators
  • the re+active team
  • Mike Studer PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA, CWT, CSST
  • Beth Fisher PhD, PT, FAPTA
  • Allan Wu, MD
  • Psychologist coming soon!
  • More coming soon!

How does it work?

​It's simple!  No secret catches or special handshakes.

  1. Apply Starting in June

  2. You will be contacted directly by Julie with your eligibility

  3. Hop on a quick call with Julie to make sure it's a good fit for you.

  4. Sign up for our weekend course in October

  5. Submit your patient problems, questions and cases.

  6. Join our first live group session in August to dive deep into concepts before our course.

  7. Come to the live course and join in both the course and exclusive in person mentoring

  8. Join our follow up live session with your patient cases

  9. Complete your certificate in Advanced Neurologic Practice after 6 months

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 4.14.53 PM.png

What does it look like?  Literally--this:



This is an example of one of our sessions that we do with our crew at re+active. 

  • Get curated content to digest

  • Reflect and ask some curious questions

  • Discuss with an expert and the group

  • Go back to the clinic to implement right away

I am ready to take my clinical practice to the next level!