[re+active] Movement and Balance Assessment and Treatment


Feeling off balance, but not sure why?  You know that your everyday movement is not quite right, but no one has been able to help pin point the problem and address it?


re+active uses state of the art technology for precise movement and balance evaluation to better understand your problems and treat them in an individualized way.


Who will benefit:

  • The individual who has balance or mobility problems.

  • The proactive individual who is looking to optimize their movement mechanics for walking and everyday activities in order to prevent future problems.


Our state of the art technology includes:

Simi Motion Analysis

Video-based High-speed 2D/3D Movement Analysis System to analyze gait and movement and provide instant feedback to clients and therapists.



Noraxon Surface EMG 12 channel surface EMG used to analyze muscle activation patterns at rest, in exercise and with functional movement. 


Alter G Antigravity treadmill

Anti-Gravity Treadmill to provide support, stability and unweighting for gait training. 


Zebris FDM instrumented treadmill

Treadmill with integrated force sensors to analyze gait and balance.