Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Adam Sandford, ND


Well, hello there!

I’m Dr Adam Sandford, a Naturopathic Doctor with a thriving medical practice in the South Bay of Los Angeles.  Thank you for taking the time to look into how a Naturopathic Doctor may be a beneficial component to your care team.  

The re+active team and I have been talking for some time now about how we can collaborate to bring you the best of the exercise, nutrition and integrative functional medicine into your day to day Parkinson’s plan. 

Well, now we’re doing it!


A bit of back story

My interest in Parkinson’s disease started in 2002 when my father was first diagnosed.  Like it is for everyone, the news was a shock, for him, and for the family.  I wanted to help, but my experience was in technology, not medicine.  That frustration led, in part, to my departing a decade at Microsoft to return to medical school, first with a BSc in Human Nutrition from Bastyr University, and then my doctorate at National University of Natural Medicine.

Fast forward 16+ years, and I have a fantastic medical practice, emphasizing treatment of digestive issues, mens/womens hormonal health, primary care, surgery-free joint restoration, and, of course, Parkinson’s Disease.  At this point, to the best of my knowledge, I am one of very few doctors in California that melds functional and conventional medicine to create an individualized approach that is unique to you!  (If you know someone else, let me know, as I’d love to meet them!)


Why add a Naturopathic Doctor to your team?

  • Discover the key vitamins and supplements that are critical for YOUR version of Parkinson’s, and optimize what you are already taking.

  • Find out how to protect your brain, to slow progression, and to prevent other related conditions.

  • Extend your on-time and fine tune your Sinemet dosage (with your MDs input)

  • Learn the key foods to add and avoid.

  • Experience how your digestion and gut health are critical to your symptom improvement.

  • Perform advanced whole person focused diagnostic lab testing 

  • Get intravenous (IV) glutathione and other nutrients, if applicable for you.

  • Start working on any other health concerns that are just common with anyone in your season of life.


How to get started!

  •  Schedule by calling the re+active Torrance office:  424-488-3191 or email:

    • To fully get rolling, start with a new patient visit

    • To just do a quick supplement tune-up and quality review, choose “Supplement Tune-Up”

    • We’ll chat at the end of that visit about what follow-up visits might be helpful for you

    • If you’re not sure about what’s right for you, call my main office at 310.926.4415 and setup a free 10-minute chat


What’s the cost? 

  • Our initial visit, where we dig deeply into all aspects of your health, and goals, is normally 60-90 minutes long, at $365.

  • After that, we’ll meet for either 60 minutes for $225 for more complex discussions, or 30 minutes for $175 for tuning.

  •  A simple supplement tune up, which you can do before or after our initial visit, is $95.

  • Depending on your availability and mobility, we can meet in person or via video conference.  On rare occasions, house calls are available.

  • Labs, medications and supplements all depend on what you and I determine is proper for you. 

  • While I do not work with insurance directly, non-federal insurance can help with labs and occasionally may reimburse for visits.  Federal (medicare, VA) offers no coverage.  On occasion, a medicare MD may run labs that I request.

To learn more about my broader non-Parkinson's oriented naturopathic practice at the Naturopathic Wellness Center, see