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[re+active] Occupational Therapy services

OT in our studio or online 


Our OT is unlike any you have experienced!  With a combination of a holistic lifestyle approach with hands on neurologic and orthopedic skills, our program brings maximal results. Our OTs are a big part of the success of our integrated programs. Here at re+active, we have multiple occupational therapy programs. Whichever program you enroll in, the focus of occupational therapy will be to get you back into doing the important and meaningful things in your life.

Discover rehab done differently with the re+active community.  All new clients must join the re+active community before their first appointment, learn more about our practice fee and how we are different here. 

Arm and hand rehabilitation program

PD program

MS program

Migraine and Headache program

Back Pain program

Emotional Self Care Program

Sleep Habits Program

If you don’t see a program that’s an exact fit for you, don’t worry! We create custom programs based on your personal needs. Schedule a free consultation by calling us today!

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Arm and hand rehabilitation program:


Do you have specific problems with your arm and hand function that are affecting your everyday life? OTs provide specialized evaluation and treatment in the home or clinic geared toward your unique goals for self-care, chores, and hobbies.  

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Parkinson’s program


Parkinson’s disease is classified as a movement disorder, which is accurate given the many challenges that come with stiffness, freezing, and tremors. However, in many cases Parkinson’s affect more than just your movements. These might include changes to your mood, sleep, attention, memory, and appetite, just to name a few.


The Parkinson’s occupational therapy program is designed to address both the motor and non-motor concerns you might have. Sessions will focus on lifestyle changes, arm and shoulder exercises, and/or adaptive strategies to get you more independent.

Download Naoya's Healthy Living in PD presentation.

Interested in learning more?  Request a free consult



Multiple sclerosis program


Because of the nature of multiple sclerosis, we often hear from our clients that MS symptoms has made it difficult to stay active and engaged in all of the things that they want to do.


While there is no cure for the underlying MS symptomatology, research has shown that healthy eating, regular exercise (at the right intensity), quality sleep, and stress management can help reduce the severity of the symptoms and improve quality-of-life.


In the MS occupational therapy program, you will be paired with an occupational therapist who will take both a motor and lifestyle approach to managing your condition. This may include health coaching sessions, energy management strategies, mindfulness training, or adaptive equipment training so you can engage in the things that are important to you.

Interested in learning more?  Request a free consult



Migraines and headaches program


Treating migraines and headaches can be tricky, as medication doesn’t always eliminate the pain. While pharmaceutical management is a crucial part of any comprehensive plan of care, addressing headaches triggers can also be an effective way of managing your condition.


In the migraines and headache program, your therapist will complete a thorough analysis of lifestyle risk factors like stress, food triggers, sensory profile, ergonomics, poor sleep, and lack of exercise. Once we identify a potential trigger, your OT will help you create an action plan to reduce your headache risk through environmental and health routine modifications.

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Back pain program


With chronic back pain, the severity of your symptoms can be impacted not just by physical factors, but also emotional and environmental factors.


For example, stress can increase your muscle tension and sensitize your nervous system, making your pain worse. The spaces you interact with can also impact your back pain, including things like your sitting posture and how much reaching you do in the kitchen. In some cases, weight management may be indicated to reduce the strain on your joints.


The occupational therapy program for low back pain will take a physical, emotional, and environmental approach to mitigate the impact of your pain symptoms on your quality-of-life and ability to do things.

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Emotional self-care program


We all have our ups and downs — but sometimes the downs can be a bit harder to handle, especially when you’re dealing with health problems on top of other things.


The emotional self-care program is for people who want to start taking better care of their mental health. The program is led by an occupational therapist who will provide the structure, accountability, and guidance to get you started.


Topics may include: Education on the stress system, mindfulness strategies, routine management, and creation of your unique stress management protocol.

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Arm and Hand Rehb
PD program
MW Program
Migraine and HA program
Back pain program
Emotional Self Care
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