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Specialized Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment in our studio or online

Looking for someone that understands your diagnosis and provides hope for improvement in your quality of life? Our therapists are specialists and understand complex cases.   Our physical therapist are a key part of our integrated programs. 


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Who will benefit

  • The person with a neurologic disorder such as stroke, MS, neuropathy or spinal cord injury looking to improve their physical mobility.

  • The person looking for an approach that combines a movement analysis with the background of neuroscience and brain health principles.  

  • The person with functional neurologic disorders looking for a specialized program

  • The person with dizziness, post concussion or headaches looking for a holistic approach

  • For our e2p2 program: Early Evaluation and Exercise for Prevention in PD. Specialized evaluation for individuals newly diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

  • For Dystonia Management:  For individuals with cervical dystonia; task-specific, walking,  and runner’s dystonia; and writer’s or musician cramp.  Detailed evaluation and treatment based on the latest evidence including learning based sensorimotor retraining, movement re-education, TENS, surface EMG all based on the theories of neuroplasticity. 

  • Balance-Based Torso-Weighting Evaluation:  For individuals with sensory loss, ataxia and other balance problems. Evaluation and assessment for the famous torso-weighted vest by Motion Therapeutics, Inc by a trained physical therapist. Visit www.motiontherapeutics.com for more details.


Personalized one on one evaluation and treatment sessions guided by the individual's goals and the latest evidence in physical therapy practice.  We specialize in evaluation of falls, gait and balance disorders and neurologic disorders such as PD, MS, concussion stroke, SCI, TBI, CP, brain tumors, vestibular disorders, amputations, and neuropathy and in health and wellness.  We serve people of all ages! PWR! trained for people with PD. 

We complete thorough movement-based evaluations and treatment with detailed reports to communicate with other health care providers. Sessions are typically 50 minutes long with direct care by a physical therapist.