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Our mission is to serve all who need neurologic specialty therapy and fitness services. 


Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship that is limiting your access to therapy or our wellness classes.


Additionally, we'd love to hear from those of you that would like to support our re+connect fund, helping those that are experiencing financial hardship.


Email us at: or donate securely here with paypal.

Current Needs: Gene, Sandy and many more impacted by the pandemic

Gene is a young man, husband and father and former social worker, undergoing treatment for a brain tumor. His insurance does not cover speciality physical therapy and he requires ongoing care to maintain his mobility and independence.  We are fundraising for to cover monthly therapy for the next 6 months.  Click the donate button to support his care.

Sandy is an incredible person and light in this world!. We are raising money for her to receive continued therapy and  transportation to our clinic when we are open again. 


"I was informed that I have a genetic disorder called Huntington ’s Disease. The MD then referred me to re+active. By the time I was diagnosed, It was such a gift to be validated that I am not making these things up, nor, was this a HOPELESS case. I began treatment as a volunteer in a year- long research study on Huntington’s Disease with my own therapist Chelsea Richardson. As that has ended, I am now facing the isolating fear that I am alone without this team to validate my symptoms, which changes often. I absolutely need help to continue facing the changing brain and gain guidance for safe exercise is imperative at this juncture!"


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