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Our mission is to serve all who need neurologic specialty therapy and fitness services. 


Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship that is limiting your access to therapy or our wellness classes.


Additionally, we'd love to hear from those of you that would like to support our re+connect fund, helping those that are experiencing financial hardship.


Email us at: or donate securely here with paypal.

Current Needs: Patrick and Ms. C, and many more impacted by the pandemic.  Goal--$10,000 by October 18th

Ms. C  is a single mother and teacher facing the challenges of not being able to walk without great difficulty since 2013. She shares that she “has tried everything under the sun and nothing worked until this” referring to the success she has had with therapy at re+active. We are hoping to raise funds for her to be able to continue the success that she has had with therapy over the next three months that is not covered by her insurance. Click the donate button to support his care.

Mr. P is a business owner who loves hiking and spinning. But work and exercise became difficult to do when he was diagnosed with a functional movement disorder. For him the disorder makes it difficult to talk, or sometimes just breathe. The pandemic has also added additional stress, so we are raising money to help him continue with PT and OT!

Mr. L is a young man with PD who has now found it not safe to exercise at home alone and would like to continue with 1:1 personal training so he can increase his activity level. 

Mr. Y is self employed and has been unable to work during the pandemic and also multiple medical issues including mast cell activation syndrome, autonomic neuropathy, and brainstem compression amongst other illnesses that have been affecting him for 16 years.  He writes, "I still dream of a body that supports me enough that I can work, love, create, and give something back to the world. "

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