"I am standing better, and my balance and strength are better.  My progress is a testament to the quality of the staff and the program. I plan on coming here for as long as I can"  

Robert Yoshida, PT and boxing client, 2017

"I am incredibly thankful to have been referred to Re+active to guide me through unexpected challenges. The entire staff is kind, professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. They make you feel "at home" from the first visit. Each session Is customized  to ensure that you not only work to your full potential, but feel confident in your ability to get stronger.  They also give you customized exercises to do at home between sessions, which have benefitted me greatly. I highly recommend Re+active! I consider them my "silver lining"!"


Jennifer H, PT Client, Yelp Review, 8.16.15

"My experience at [re+active] has been nothing short of amazing. They handle the recovery of the human body with finesse and expertise. The exercises I perform with Erin were at once simple enough for me to perform and understand, while maintaining a progressively challenging theme; enough for me to work up a sweat, and leave feeling confident."


JH, PT Client 9.5.13

The therapists at re + active are really specialists in movement disorders like Cervical Dystonia/Spasmodic Torticollis, the neurological neck ailment that causes my head to tilt right. They also treat Parkinson's, stroke patients, and gait disorders. 

They are far more sophisticated in their diagnostics, treatment and use of technology than any other PT I've ever seen. Their billing systems are 
A+ and they have a really cool anti-gravity treadmill on which I ran an hour for the first time in decades. 

Dr. Julie Hershberg sends emails with my exercises and believe me, it ain't just stretches. My neck tilt is slowly correcting with neurological exercises; I wear a laser pen on my head and try to hit a bullseye on the wall. Weird but effective. 


LP, PT Client 6.18.14






"Erin Caudill and [re+active] have made a huge difference for us. My boyfriend suffered a traumatic brain injury in December, and finding Erin has given me hope.

Erin and [re+active] make us feel like we have a team behind us, not just for physical recovery, but also for emotional support. They have a whole body, whole family approach to recovery.

We love [re+active] and Erin most of all."


WK PT Client Family 9.6.13


"The class helped me a lot; it helped to improve my balance and posture which was noticed by several of my friends and family members!"


JP, Class Participant 6.30.13

"I was referred to Julie Hershberg, who is a Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist.  If it wasn't for them I would most likely have been in a wheelchair, and I don't want to go there until I'm in my late 80s!"


MH, PT Client