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Yingying Liu (she/her)

Doctoral Trainee

Hi, I am Yingying, and I am thrilled to join you for your rehab adventure! I am a clinical psychology doctoral student with an emphasis in neuropsychology. My passion for neuropsychology originated from reading about blindsight, hemispatial neglect, aphasia, etc. during my undergrad years. I have taken different neuroscience classes and eventually decided to pursue my interest in working with individuals with neurologic conditions. I have been doing neuropsychological and psychological assessments at OMID Multicultural Institute for Development during my basic practicum year. At the same time, I also volunteer with brain injury survivors at St. Jude Brain Injury Network to support their journey of community reintegration and post-traumatic growth. I am now very excited about my upcoming neurorehabilitation training in Michigan in June, and I cannot be more grateful for the opportunity to grow together with you along your journey of rehabilitation at Re+Active! I will be providing psychotherapy, psychoeducation, and neuropsychological assessment at Re+Active. I believe that you are not only a client that needs our support but also an amazing individual with extensive knowledge/experience and the potential to support and advocate for yourself and your community. I feel honored for the chance to help you reach that potential and live a life that aligns with what you value. As a person with two tons of energy, I love hiking, jogging, swimming, doing workouts, etc. I learned martial arts for four years, which taught me to not only be tough but also be flexible when the strikes come. I think the same idea could be extended to life. It is ok to fall and hesitate to move on because of your pain and tiredness, but what decides who you are is if you have the flexibility, toughness, and courage to eventually stand up again. If you are struggling through this process, don’t forget that we and your loved ones are always here and you don’t have to do this alone. When you are ready for this adventure, we will sit together to talk about your goals and how I can be your support. Can’t wait to connect with your brave soul!

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