[re+active] physical therapy and occupational therapy  for people post stroke or brain injury


Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment

In the clinic or at your home


Looking for someone that understands stroke and brain injury and provides hope for improvement in your quality of life?


Personalized one on one evaluation and treatment sessions guided by your goals and the latest research in stroke and brain injury recovery.  We specialize in putting research into action for neuroplasticity.  We believe in the possibility of life long recovery!  Need a new wheelchair or special device--we've got you covered! 

We complete thorough movement-based evaluations and treatment with detailed reports to communicate with other health care providers. Sessions are typically 55 minutes long with direct care by a Doctor of Physical Therapy.


You will benefit if you are:

  • Looking to improve your physical mobility: walking, running, just sitting up and standing--we cover it all!

  • The person looking for an approach that combines a movement analysis with the background of neuroscience and brain health principles.  

  • Balance-Based Torso-Weighting Evaluation:  For individuals with sensory loss, ataxia and other balance problems. Evaluation and assessment for the famous torso-weighted vest by Motion Therapeutics, Inc by a trained physical therapist. Visit for more details.