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re+active program for people post-stroke

Individualized and integrated physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and exercise treatment program for returning to a full life after a stroke.

Our philosophy:
  • Neuroplasticity drives recovery at any time after stroke (whether it was last month or 10 years ago!) Research and experience have shown that intensive neurologic rehabilitation with a team can drive brain changes. 
  • We believe in recovery! We join you on a journey (and you are in the driver's seat) and are part of an interdisciplinary team. 
  • Our therapy approach is strongly influenced by the research and principles of neuroplasticity.  We are driven by the ideas that the brain is plastic and can re-establish healthy connections through movement, motor control, sensory training, autonomic control, lifestyle, and addressing underlying physical limitations.  We implement a strong motor learning approach to treatment including principles of autonomy, external focus and enhanced expectations.  
Apply online for our program to see if you are a good fit. 

Our program includes:

  • Physical therapy with an emphasis on sensory, motor and autonomic control. 

  • Occupational therapy with a focus on use of your arm and lifestyle interventions.

  • Neuropsychology for regaining control and improving emotional and cognitive brain health.

  • Yoga therapy

  • Fitness and personal training to drive brain change

  • Coordination with the medical team

  • The amount of therapy depends on the person.  We have had the most success in an intensive outpatient program 3-5 days per week for a minimum of two weeks.    

  • Download our Program Description to learn more about the program. 

Stroke Integrated Program Results

Matt Little had a brainstem and cerebellar stroke five years ago and shares his story and recovery through our integrated program. 

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