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Keana Kaya (she/her)

Office Manager

Wellness Lead

Hey there. 


My name is Keana! I have a passion for all things physical and occupational therapy and strive to make therapy and wellness as accessible as possible to all those ready to live their best lives! 


I believe rehabilitation is both physical and emotional; I love looking for proactive and innovative ways of helping people complete daily tasks while simultaneously regaining the strength to live up to a new potential AND finding the will to do so. I achieved my Bachelor's degree in Psychology where I learned to unwrap the complexities of the human mind and why we do the things we do everyday. I am working tirelessly to learn all that I can here at re+active in hopes of continuing to make a positive impact in peoples' lives. 


When I'm not coordinating care, I enjoy spending time with good friends and family, playing volleyball at sunny Hermosa Beach, snowboarding down the tallest mountain top, and the ever occasional netflix binge. 


With that said, I'm excited to meet you and to hear your story!

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