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[re+active]Sleep Habits Class

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The Sleep Habits Class is a 4-week course for people who are looking for non-pharmaceutical approaches to getting better sleep. In this course, you’ll learn the science behind sleep, what drives your sleep cycle, and how to retrain your brain to sleep more at night. By learning the science behind melatonin cycles, the autonomic nervous system, and classical conditioning, you’ll have a better chance priming your brain for sleep! Classes will include actionable tips for better sleep, with time to problem-solve through your particular barriers with the instructor. For each week, you will receive the lecture slides and a worksheet.

What people are saying about our class:

" Excellent information presented well. I am sleeping better!"


"I enjoyed learning about how the brain works. It was very interesting! I also enjoyed having challenges for the week to try. Thank you!"


"I pay more attention to some things that I didn't do before, like going past the day in my mind before I go to sleep, and try to walk more and spend time outside."


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Your class instructor: Dr. Naoya Ogura OTD, OTR/L