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Parkinson's Program 

re+active's Integrated Team for people with PD

empowering, preventing, and restoring 

Our program is individualized with a high focus on your specific goals, uncovering your strengths and resources, and building on those to build brain and body connection, restore your function and prevent decline

Our philosophy of treatment is to understand you as a whole person, including body and brain connections, your environmental influences, and underlying neurologic and musculoskeletal issues. We focus on a neuroplastic approach to improving and maintaining your movement and function and preventing decline so that you are empowered with the tools and resources for self-treatment.   


The re+active program is a unique evidence-based, integrated neurologic rehabilitation approach with neurologic physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology (neuropsychology and rehab psychology) and Parkinson's fitness professionals.   Our team includes board-certified neurologic specialists and a unique integrated approach that includes regular team collaboration centered around your goals.



The typical program includes: 

  • A free consultation with our program director to set goals and identify the team best fit for your needs

  • Individualized frequency of each discipline, depending on your needs and routine. 

  • Individualized transition plan to specialized wellness services, personal training, and/or group fitness at the end of the program for lifelong maintenance. 

  • Long term planning and consultative visits to ensure successful implementation of strategies into your lifestyle and empower you to maintain and build upon your gains 

Our Unique Programs

In addition to offering 1:1 therapy services we offer unique programs for people along different stages of his/her/their PD journey


69 dollars only

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