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Make a referral to re+active 

The easiest way for people to get started it to complete our application online.  Send them the link: to get started on the application. 

Once we receive it, we screen to see if the person would be a good fit and set up a free consultation to meet with them and understand their needs and design a program. 

Referrals can also be faxed to: 310-933-4803 and we can follow up to send an application. 

Our current waitlist is approximately 1-2 months for an intensive program and 1-4 weeks for individual therapies of PT, OT or psychology.

All of our Medicare programs are currently at capacity for the year with the following exceptions: 

  1. Our wellness program: 1:1 with yoga therapy, personal training or pilates and our group memberships

  2. Our e2p2 program: early evaluation for prevention in PD--for the person newly diagnosed with PD--a prevention program of PT and wellness. 

  3. Neurocognitive testing with neuropsychology 

Our philosophy:​
  • A transdiciplinary integrated team approach.
  • An individualized approach to care.  No cookie cutters or protocols.  Our team meets weekly to understand and progress an individual's program together.  
  • Our therapy approach is strongly influenced by the research and principles of neuroplasticity.  We are driven by the ideas that the brain is plastic and can re-establish healthy connections through movement, motor control, sensory training, autonomic control, lifestyle, and addressing underlying physical limitations.  We implement a strong motor learning approach to treatment including principles of autonomy, external focus and enhanced expectations.  
Check out our specific programs for:
We also work in an integrated team for all people with neurologic disorders. 
integrated program with PT, OT, psychology fitness and yoga

Our programs include:

  • Physical therapy with an emphasis on sensory, motor and autonomic control. 

  • Occupational therapy with a focus on lifestyle interventions and daily life activities. 

  • Neuropsychology and psychology for regaining control and improving emotional and cognitive brain health.

  • Yoga therapy

  • Fitness and personal training

  • Coordination with the medical team

  • The amount of therapy depends on the person.  Typically people have weekly sessions with all disciplines for a short time and then progress to monthly maintenance. 

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