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[re+active] Workshops

Educational and fun workshops

with our experts

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Our Classes 


re+move movement classes 

Our re+move classes are led by therapists and trainers who specialize in neurology and have done advanced training specifically in the treatment of Parkinson's disease.  The exercise classes are challenging enough to create brain change and promote recovery so participants will be feeling better, moving better and having fun!


  • Classes are organized based on ability-levels of the participants to promote support and encouragement and to ensure all participants are challenged appropriately.

  • The aim of the classes is also to promote health behavior change through education and making exercise a regular routine.

re+move I: lower intensity movement class 
Torrance - Monday & Wednesday at 1:00
Westchester - Tuesday & Thursday at 1:00
re+move II: intermediate movement class
Torrance - Tuesday at 11:00
Brentwood - Friday at 10:00 
re+move III: high intensity movement class
Torrance - Monday & Friday at 11:00
El Segundo - Tuesday & Thursday at 11:00
Westchester - Saturday at 11:00
Chelsea Duncan PT, DPT, Movement Disorder Specialist 
Jazzy Molina Personal Trainer 
Byanca Rodriguez Personal Trainer 

[re+strike] boxing class

Torrance - Wednesdays at 11:00

Westchester - Wednesdays at 2:30 

Desiring a challenging class to get your body and brain in peak shape?

This class is an interactive class that will improve your speed, strength, endurance, and agility through basic combinations, footwork, kicking techniques, and circuit training.  Re+strike is FUN way to revamp your fitness, function, and wellness!

Open to everyone and their partners! 


Chelsea Duncan PT, DPT, Movement Disorder Specialist 
Jazzy Molina Personal Trainer 

[re+burn] cardio fitness class

Torrance - Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 9:00

Desiring a class that focuses on individualized aerobic exercise to increase endurance, energy, and overall quality of life?


re+burn is an individualized high intenisty aerobic exercise class led by one of our neuro physical therapists and personal trainers.  The goal of the class is brain-changing aerobic exercise--keeping the heart rate in the aerobic zone for 45 minutes.  Get ready to sweat! 


Byanca Rodriguez Personal Trainer 
Chelsea Duncan PT, DPT, Movement Disorder Specialist 
Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS

[re+active] Yoga


Desiring an evidence based and adaptable yoga instruction where you will feel comfortable and empowered?


Westchester - Saturdays at 1:00 

Our NeuroYoga classes are a wonderful opportunity to start yoga for the first time or get back into yoga after an injury.  Individual consultations are also available.


Dr. Alex Schang PT, DPT, NCS, RYT-200
Andrea Flores, Yoga Therapist
Dr. Whitney Griffin, PhD, RYT-200 

[re+store] restorative yoga class 

Torrance  - Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2:00 

Our re+store classes is a relaxing and mindful yoga practice focusing on restorative movements and breath. 


Andrea Flores, Yoga Therapist
Dr. Whitney Griffin, PhD, RYT-200 

[re+train] independent training class

Torrance: Mondays - Thursdays at 12:00 

Do you want a place where you feel comfortable and supported while doing your exercise routine? 

re+train is our gym power hour where clients can do their independent exercise routine with guidance and motivation from one of our personal trainers.  


Byanca Rodriguez Personal Trainer