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Barbara Kraychete CPT (she/her)

Personal Trainer


Hello! My name is Barbara Kraychete and I love life! I was born and raised in Salvador, Brazil where I worked as a physician and researcher, and moved to US in 2019. I find very exciting to understand what moves and brings happiness to people’s life and I use my Muay Thai and Personal Training knowledge to help however I can. I have a daughter! I absolutely love her. We like to dance and sing together. I also love animals. I adopted two adult cats and one dog in 2018 and they came to USA with me. I always say that I adopted them and they take care of us, showing us what love is all the time. I enjoy sunrises and sunsets, smiles, music and hugs. I tend to see the positive side of all the situations and I believe all our experiences build what we are. So, I want to touch other people’s lives always with a gentle and sweet touch, giving them a reason to smile.

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