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Functional Neurological Disorders Program

re+active pediatric and adult functional neurological disorders program

re+active has been working with clients with Functional Neurological disorder for 12 years and specializes in an outpatient integrated approach for kids (aged 12 and above) and adults.  

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Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is an umbrella term describing a neurologic condition in which the primary pathophysiological processes are alterations in functioning of brain networks rather than abnormalities of brain structures.  (Hallet, 2022)





Based on the scientific literature, we create an individualized and integrated physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and yoga therapy treatment program for returning to a full life with a functional neurological disorder.

Our philosophy:
  • Functional neurologic and functional movement disorders are not simply conversion disorders or "in your head."  Research and experience have shown that FND results from problems with functional connectivity in the brain and the body.  We believe strongly in a definitive diagnosis made by a movement disorders specialist and working with a team for diagnosis and treatment.  
  • We believe in recovery! We join you on a journey (and you are in the driver's seat) and are part of an interdisciplinary team. We also discuss and prepare for flare-ups and changes along your journey. 
  • Our therapy approach is strongly influenced by the research and principles of neuroplasticity.  We are driven by the ideas that the brain is plastic and can re-establish healthy connections through movement, motor control, sensory training, autonomic control, lifestyle, and addressing underlying physical limitations.  We implement a strong motor learning approach to treatment including principles of autonomy, external focus and enhanced expectations.  
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Our transdisciplinary program includes:

  • Physical therapy with an emphasis on sensory, motor and autonomic control. 

  • Occupational therapy with a focus on lifestyle interventions.

  • Mental health support & therapy for regaining control and improving emotional and cognitive brain health.

  • Yoga therapy

  • Fitness and personal training

  • Coordination with your medical team

  • The amount of therapy depends on the person.  We have had the most success in an intensive outpatient program 3-5 days per week for a minimum of two weeks.    

  • Download our Program Description to learn more about the program. 

  • Download our FREE Guide with sensory strategies 

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Videos & Participant Testimonials:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is different about this program? 

Our philosophy of treatment is to understand you as a whole person, including body and brain connections, your environmental influences, and underlying musculoskeletal issues. We focus on restoring your autonomy and independent control so that you are empowered with the tools and resources for self-treatment.   


We work together as a transdisciplinary team of physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology and wellness professionals to understand your needs and put together a comprehensive and holistic program. We work very closely with your physicians and other providers (outside psychologists for example) as needed. 

I'm a family member of someone with FND, is my family member a good fit for this program?

People who typically do best in our programs are those interested in an integrated holistic approach, who are motivated to learn new skills and who believe their FND diagnosis. Typically for those under the age of 18, having full family support and school support is also extremely helpful to support re-integration back into school & home environments

I've been to a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT), how is your psychology team approach different? 

Hear from a member of our psychology team!

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