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Dr. Julie Hershberg PT, DPT, NCS (she/her)

Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist

Founder + CEO

Physical Therapist


Hi there!  I am Julie  Hershberg and I love a total brain nerd!


 I started [re+active] as a way to share my passion for neurologic physical therapy with clients, therapists and students.  I love partnering with my clients to get them back to all the joys of life.  As a person with an autoimmune condition I know first hand of the uncertainty of disease and the impact on life.  My own journey to health through lifestyle changes and attending to my emotional health contributes to my love of the integrated approach that we have here. 

A Southern California native, I got my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in Pennsylvania and then moved back home to pursue advanced training in neurologic physical therapy at USC (where I now teach) and then become a board certified neurologic clinical specialist (NCS),  


When I am not sharing all of my neuro love, I love to run in the waves with my two girls, husband and dogs.  Running, surfing, paddle boarding, hiking--if it is outdoors, I love it!  

I can't wait to meet you!  Apply online to our programs and you will likely hear from me to see if you are a good fit for our programs 

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Let's stay in touch!  I get a lot of questions about neurological rehabilitation and how to find the right team. So, I wrote this free guide to help people find the right provider.   Let me help you find the right fit. Download our free guide with 9 questions (and answers) to find the right neuro rehab team for you.
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