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Frequently Asked Questions about re+active and our integrated programs

We get many questions about our unique integrated programs, we have answered a lot of them here!  Please reach out if you have more questions to our program team at
FAQs about
What to expect from therapy
Locations and accommodations
Cost, deposit and insurance payments
Outcomes and Results

Will I be in therapy all day long? Not usually all day. It does depend on your individual program recommendations, but most people have 2 -3 hours of therapy per day and then work with our team to set up activities that they are doing for the rest of the day. For example, they may have exercises, a trip to the beach, artwork, sports activities, time with family, etc that are all part of practicing new tools and techniques throughout the day.

What can I expect from therapy? 

What to expect from therapy

Location, traveling, and accommodations

Where would I be doing my therapy? We have two locations--Torrance (a beach city south of Los Angeles), and West Los Angeles. Both are therapy and wellness studios where most of our therapy is done. Some therapy may be done online from your home or where you are staying. ​ [re+active] physical therapy & wellness Torrance 3848 West Carson Street, Suite 110 Torrance, CA 90503 Westside  11500 West Olympic Blvd. Suite 640 Los Angeles, CA 90064

Is it inpatient or outpatient care? Where do I stay? Our studios are outpatient based neurological rehabilitation. If you are traveling from a distance, most people stay at AirBnBs or nearby hotels (ask us for a list!). Pediatric patients have also stayed at the local Ronald McDonald House. Our most intensive programs are typically 2-3 hours per day with additional group classes and with practice that you complete at home. Our studios are in great locations, so people also love to go enjoy the beach, cliffs, Disneyland, Santa Monica, Hollywood, etc, during their stay.

Cost, deposit and insurance payments

Costs, Deposit, Insurance

What is the cost for the programs? Again, because our programs are not one size fits all, the cost depends. For example, we are Medicare providers, so if you have Medicare, the majority of the program is covered. (Medicare does not cover the codes for our integrated team meetings, so this is an out of pocket cost). Our yoga therapy, personal training and fitness services are also not billable to insurance. We are an out of network provider for private insurances. Before you commit to a program, we check your benefits and provide a thorough estimate so that you know what your insurance will cover. We will bill your insurance for you and you will typically get a reimbursement check sent to you from your insurance. We are not contracted with HMOs, so for these insurances, we offer a discounted self-pay rate for our programs. Some people have been able to get a network exception from their insurance for our programs (because their network does not provide our services). This is typically a process that is initiated by the patient. Finally, we do offer sliding scale services for people with financial need. Please inquire with our team about this process.

What is the deposit? Is it refundable? We require a deposit for our intensive programs to secure your spot. This deposit is nonrefundable but is good for a year to be applied to your therapy appointments. The program deposit is applied to your therapy appointments and includes our annual practice fee payment ($69 for the first year).

Outcomes and Resuls

Outcomes and Results of our Programs

What is a typical outcome for the program? We are so proud that people in our programs make great progress! While every person's experience is different, on average for all of our programs, people report that they have an average of 6/7 change. This is reported on an outcome called the patient global impression of change (PGIC) and it indicates that the person feels that they have made a "Better and a definite improvmenet that has made a real and worthwhile difference". People complete our programs with a better understanding of their brain and body, tools for managing their symptoms, improvement in their function and activities and get back to meaningful life activities.

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