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Brain Bytes Community


Advanced Neuro Therapy Mini Courses

Schmidt Movement Disorders Fellowship Program

Orthopedic Residency Program

Neuropracticity 3.0:The Brain Strikes Back with Mike Studer

Online Learning

Free Resources

Advanced Neurologic Therapy Mini Courses 2021

Movement Disorders Learning Modules 2020 (our recorded mini courses from 2020)

Orthopedic Residency

That's right--re+active has a placement for a the USC Orthopedic Residency in 2020.  This is a position specific for the PT who is looking to dive deeper into the orthopedic management of neurologic and complex cases.  Email Brittany for more information. 


Recorded Weekend Courses

Cultivating CNS Neuroplasticity: a guide to assessment and treatment of FND, central pain and dystonia.  Recording now available

Neuropracticity 2.0: The Mike Studer Course: Recording now available.

Focal Dystonia and CRPS, recording now available

Online learning

Join our online learning community for our famously fun and interesting courses.

Current Courses

Dystonia Assessment and Treatment module

Weekend courses
Orthopedic Residency
Fellowship learning module
Online Learning
Educational Videos
Grab our free educational resources here to up your neuro game:
Dystonia program handout
Movement Analysis cheat sheet
Neuro screen cheat sheet
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