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We are so excited for you to meet our team and see the difference of neurologic integrated care.  Our team collaborates with you for expert care that truly understands your unique needs.  We also believe in honesty and transparency with our pricing so that you do not have any surprises in your health care experience with us.  


We do neurorehabilitation differently and that difference is reflected in our annual practice fee.   Learn more here.  All clients join our community via our annual practice fee before starting. 

If you have questions about the type of services we provide, give us a call  or complete our online application. 

We also comply with the laws for no surprises by providing you a good faith estimate for services


We are contracted provide medically necessary services for PT/OT and neuropsychology testing.  Medicare does not provide coverage for wellness or unskilled services. 


Private Insurance

We believe in serving you rather than complicated insurance plans that limit your therapy.  So, to better serve you directly, re+active does not contract with private insurances or HMOs.  As a benefit to you, we will check on your out of network benefits and provide a superbill to you for health care services.   You will have a full estimate of costs prior to your initial evaluation. 


We serve many people every month who have great insurance, but opt to go out of their network to access this level of integrated neurologic expertise only available at re+active.  We understand this may be disappointing for some people, but once you visit our studio, talk to our team and start seeing the difference,  you will understand the benefit of an integrated practice like re+active. Because we are not dictated by the insurance company, we are able to spend an entire  treatment session 1:1 with you, coordinate your care with a team, and help you achieve your goals quickly.  

Access to Care

We believe in access to expert care for everyone. We work with several non-profit organizations to help people access services if they have a financial need.   Email us for more details if you have a financial need. 

Wellness Services

Our wellness services such as group exercises, personal training and yoga are not covered by insurance.  Check out our fitness page for more details about these services.  Again, if you have a financial need for wellness services, we work with non-profits to help you cover the costs for these services as well. 

Questions about pricing? 

Please email or call our office at (424) 225-1845 and we will discuss options for you. 

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