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Dr. Brittni Charle PT, DPT (she/her)

Concussion Program Director

Parkinsons Wellness Recovery Certified Therapist

Physical Therapist


Hello everyone! I’m Brittni Charle, ready to have some fun as we embark on your rehabilitation journey! 


Becoming a physical therapist was a goal I set for myself back in high school.  I was a competitive basketball player who witnessed the consequences of my peers who attempted to push through untreated injuries.  After playing basketball in college and overseas, I obtained my doctorate from the University of Southern California.  My USC education and sports background got me off to a great start serving a diverse population of people with neurologic conditions.  I have also developed an aptitude for treating balance issues and dizziness disorders.  I am a certified in Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery (PWR!) and have experience with sports concussion rehabilitation programming. 


I indulge in smiling and laughing, so you can expect a lot of that during our treatment sessions!  My goal is to help empower you with the necessary tools of knowledge to take control over your situation and live your best life.  Together, we will work towards your aspirations in creative ways.


Outside of [re+active], I am a music junkie, food lover, and traveler.


I am excited to meet you and get started!

Dr. Brittni Charle PT, DPT.jpg
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