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USC Orthopedic Residency at re+active


Do you love and want to grow in your orthopedic skill set? Do you love a complex case? Does learning about new and uncommon conditions excite you? Maybe have flirted with neuro, but are leaning ortho?   Do you want to be a part of an integrated care team?

If you answered yes to these questions. 

Then you are in the right place!

The USC orthopedic residency is a world-renown residency program for physical therapists.  And the re+active site for the orthopedic residency is a unique opportunity for growth in orthopedic skills and clinical reasoning in a complex environment with an integrated team. 


What does the USC orthopedic residency entail?

The awesome part of the USC residency at re+active is that you get the best of USC and the best of re+active. You work with all of the USC residents together through didactic learning, teach in the USC program and spend time in physician clinics.   At re+active you receive mentoring from our experts AND our colleagues and specialists from across the spectrum of orthopedics who join us as outside mentors. 

Additionally, at re+active, you have the opportunity to be a part of an integrated and holistic team of PT, OT, psychology, lifestyle medicine, yoga therapy and fitness professionals to help people meet their goals.  There are additional learning opportunities through re+active education that up-level your knowledge and application with complex cases.   re+active also is involved in the community through pro-bono and volunteer work that residents have the opportunity to participate in. 

The residency is a year long program starting in late August/ early September and involves clinical work, mentorship, physician clinics, learning, research and community service.


How to apply? 

The application process is through USC.


Frequently asked questions:

  • What conditions will I be seeing?  First, though we are a neuro-based clinic, the orthopedic resident will see a caseload of orthopedic conditions.  It may range from low back pain in a person with PD to neck pain in a person post-concussion.  Other orthopedic conditions we see commonly see are EDS, spinal stenosis, and joint pain.  The orthopedic resident is a part of the integrated team for CRPS and chronic pain. 

  • What types of assessment and treatment might I be doing?  Above all re+active values understanding and listening to the client first to create an individualized approach to care.  re+active also takes a holistic approach to orthopedic management which may include techniques such as manual therapy; exercise; biomechanical assessment/treatment;  functional and movement related intervention; graded motor imagery/graded exposure; autonomic and sensory interventions; motor control and motor learning applications; all with an integrated team-based approach.

  • Who are my mentors? We are so lucky to be surrounded by amazing orthopedic specialists as mentors.  Your primary mentor is the orthopedic residency director at re+active, Dr. Brittany Kim, an orthopedic specialist, educator and our education coordinator.  We coordinate with other USC orthopedic specialists as mentors throughout the month, as well.  You also have access to our entire team of neurologic specialists, OTs and psychologists for additional mentorship and co-treats. 

  • What is the schedule like?  The residents will typically work 3-4 days in the clinic at re+active.  They balance their schedule with 1-2 days of teaching at USC, 1 day of physician clinic participation and evening/weekend didactic courses. 


Email Brittany Kim, Residency Director  for any questions!



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