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Dr. Mike Pugh, PhD


Rehabilitation Psychologist

Hi! My name is Mike, and I am excited to work with you during your rehabilitation journey. I am a counseling psychologist with expertise in rehabilitation and health psychology. I fell in love with neurorehabilitation during my graduate school training, and have cultivated this passion further through my work in a variety of healthcare settings. 


I currently specialize in psychological treatment approaches for chronic pain, functional neurological disorder, traumatic brain injury, and dysautonomia. I am particularly interested in working through challenges which may arise while adjusting to disability or illness. I take an integrative approach to psychotherapy, which means that I pull from evidenced based practices, such as cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal therapies. With this approach, I aim to create a collaborative space to practice coping techniques and discuss how themes that arise in our therapeutic relationship give us insight into your current concerns. In our initial visit, we will take a collaborative approach to outline your concerns and treatment goals. I believe that each person deserves access to personal and socially based strengths that contribute to growth. I value the meaning of culture and identity for each person, and how those may impact your rehabilitation process. I truly believe in an interdisciplinary approach, meaning that I will consult with your physical and occupational therapists to ensure you are receiving well-rounded, holistic care.  


Outside of professional duties, I enjoy health and fitness activities, like weight training, playing basketball, or learning new ways to move my body. In addition to physical activities, I enjoy spending time with my family, baking and cooking, going to the movies, and nerding out to anything comic book related. 


I’m glad you are here and I am happy to answer any questions you have!

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