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re+active studio

group classes

A variety of classes led by specialized trainers and therapists are offered in person, online, and on demand.

Our exercise classes explore high intensity training, boxing, PWR!, yoga, and balance. We also offer psychology-led connection + support groups and an autonomic and mindfulness focused group.

Fun. Motivating. For people with neurologic disorders and chronic disease

“I was thinking about playing hookie today to the exercise class, but I’m so glad I didn’t. It just goes to show you, sometimes you have to just suck it up and you’ll feel so much better mentally and physically by going the extra step!”- P Cohen 


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Our Classes 

Class Descriptions

NEW CLASS: Re+move and Groove

Re+move and groove is a dance focused mobility and aerobic class. The class structure includes a warm up, learning of dance moves, and sequencing moves together for a group routine. Class themes vary between hip hop, salsa, hula, line dancing and more.


This fun filled class is taught by a variety of our therapy staff including physical and occupational therapists specialized in working with people with neurologic diagnoses.


This class was designed originally for people with Parkinson's disease but can be taken by all. It is a high intensity interval training class that will challenge your aerobic capacity to drive neuroplasticity. 

Barbara Kraychete, Personal Trainer

re+move move classes 

Our re+move classes are led by therapists and trainers who specialize in neurology and have done advanced training specifically in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and other neurologic disorders.  The exercise classes are challenging enough to create brain change and promote recovery so participants will be feeling better, moving better and having fun! 


  • Classes are organized based on ability-levels of the participants to promote support and encouragement and to ensure all participants are challenged appropriately.

  • The aim of the classes is also to promote health behavior change through education and making exercise a regular routine.

  • Classes are offered in person and online (see schedule for specifics)

  • Classes may utilize light equipment (such as resistance bands, small hand weights) but can be performed without equipment

  • Class structure includes: warm up, strengthening, PWR! moves, functional strengthening, and a cool down

re+move 2: intermediate movement class 
re+move 3: high intensity movement class
Barbara Kraychete, Personal Trainer
Joanna Smith, Personal Trainer
Jasmine Zet, Personal Trainer
Dr. Michael Chung, PT, DPT

[re+strike] boxing class

Desiring a challenging class to get your body and brain in peak shape?

This class is an interactive class that will improve your speed, strength, endurance, and agility through basic combinations, footwork, kicking techniques, and aerobic circuit training. 

Re+strike is FUN way to revamp your fitness, function, and wellness!

This class is offered in person at both studios and online. See our schedule for details!


Joanna Smith, Personal Trainer
Barbara Kraychete-Hayes, Personal Trainer
Emily Ramon, PT, DPT, NCS
Lian Norris, MS/OTRL

re+connect support group

Our re+connect group is led by psychologists who specialize in neurology and have done advanced training specifically in the treatment of Parkinson's disease and other neurologic disorders. 


  • The group is focused on promoting support and encouragement through sending and receiving support and sharing a wide variety of challenges related to PD diagnosis and treatment 

  • The group allows space for learning and processing feelings in a safe space, and participants can share as much or as little as they feel comfortable. 

Dr. Lauren Keats and our psychology team

re+center- gain balance and control of your nervous system

This class is 30 minutes, online, and includes:


  • Practice of nervous system regulation techniques in a safe and adapted environment

  • Grounding, breathing, mindful movement and more. 


This class is perfect for people with autonomic dysfunction, FND, post concussion, pain, dystonia, CRPS, and many other neurologic disorders.

Dr. Lauren Keats and our psychology team

[re+active] Yoga


Desiring an evidence based and adaptable yoga instruction where you will feel comfortable and empowered? We have 1:1 yoga therapy or class based yoga offered in person and online.

[re+store] yoga therapy:

Includes a customized 1:1 program focused on building resilience of the mind and body connection while addressing unique mobility needs. 

[re+store] restorative yoga class 

Our re+store class is a customized yoga practice focusing on restorative and activating movements and breath. 


Andrea Flores, Yoga Therapist

Lian Norris, MS/OTRL

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