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Our trainers are experienced at working with 8 year olds and 93 year olds!  They understand neurologic disorders, chronic disease, and pain. Our trainers work alongside our PTs and OTs to ensure you have the perfect routine. 

We offer services at our clinic locations and online available through monthly memberships or drop in rates. 

re+active studio

personal training

Looking for that personal trainer who understands you?
Our 1:1 training, geared towards your goals and a special emphasis on neurologic disorders is the answer.  
"Working 1 on 1 is so helpful because they really meet your needs, where you can’t get that kind of thing in a class or a tape"  
Jan, personal training client

Meet the trainers

Joanna Smith

Jasmine Zet

Barbara Kraychete

Adili Rikondja

KeyShawn Carter


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Personal Training Memberships

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my membership automatically renew?

Nope! If you choose our 1 month membership, it only renews if you request it to!

Can I put my membership on hold for travel or am sick?
Yes! Travel away! As long as there is reasonable effort to notify us 48 hours in advance, we can put a hold on your membership.

Can I do personal training and therapy at the same time?
YES PLEASE! We are all about integrated care teams and will work with you to make sure you have a balanced schedule. Our trainers also work closely with team therapists to ensure a cohesive approach to your care!

What makes this training different?
Our trainers are creative, knowledgeable, and skilled in working with individuals with a variety of neurologic conditions online and in-person. They understand the principles of neuroplasticity, safety implications for different neurologic diagnoses, and how to maximize your potential!

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