Personal Training

Looking for that personal trainer who understands you?
The thought of training and working out in a big room in front of others is scary.  You're afraid that you might not meet the challenge.
You have tried groups and DVDs, but they just don't work for you.  
We get it!  
Our 1:1 training, geared towards your goals and a special emphasis on neurologic disorders is the answer.  
"Working 1 on 1 is so helpful because they really meet your needs, where you can’t get that kind of thing in a class or a tape"  
Jan, personal training client
Our trainers are experienced at working with 8 year olds and 93 year olds!  They understand neurologic disorders, chronic disease and pain and they work alongside our physical therapists to ensure you have the perfect routine. 
If you have been looking for that kick that you need to start on a healthy path, our trainers can get you started. 

Virtual training now available

Contact us for details

Meet our amazing trainers and see for yourself!
Byanca Rodriguez, certified PWR! Instructor
Joanna Smith, neurologic personal trainer
Zorica Babic, certified PWR! Instructor

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