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We are growing and looking to an amazing social worker, psychologist or neuropsychologist to join our team. We have a per diem position in our Torrance location and via telehealth.

This is an outpatient neurorehabilitation centered position for testing and individual and group therapy with our super fun & creative, evidence based interdisciplinary team of PT, OT, Neuropsychology yoga therapy and personal trainers. 

Psychology Team: Therapist

re+active is a place of belonging for all people. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-racism here and we hope you are, too.  We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status. 


What we do.

We help our clients recover activity, restore hope and rediscover joy in their everyday life. 

We value our clients like members of our family.  We go above and beyond to help them reach goals and we join them on a lifelong journey of health and wellness. 

We are a dynamic and creative team, meaning you can let your creative juices flow, develop new programs and be super excited to come to work everyday. 

In short, we lead a team of dynamic individuals changing lives and having a great time doing it

recovery, hope, joy


About [re+active]

Hi there, I'm Julie Hershberg, the founder or [re+active].
The [re+active] team was born in 2012 with one patient and a dream for helping people with neurologic disorders.   My heart bleeds neurology and I love helping people reach their highest potential. Soon after we started, we grew with a team of PTs, OTs, psychology and exercise professionals that was not satisfied with the status quo of rehabilitation. We have built a team of super passionate lovers of neurology who deeply care about the people they serve. 

Our values

We prize the following characteristics in our team members. 
Team work: EmpathicSelf-reflective, Humble, Life long learner, Flexible, Sense of humor
Whether it is through journalling, chatting, email, video...we reflect on the successes and failures and share so we can all grow. 
We are not afraid to be wrong and show our weaknesses. We never have all of the answers.If we are not learning, we are not growing.  Yes, we are experts, but we learn daily from each other, clients, students and other experts in the field.  
he way to keep growing is to keep changing.  Our processes, our clients are constantly keeping us on our toes. 
Ping pong, goofy dances, a sense of play and fun--that's what keeps us going even when times are hard. 
Resourcefulness: Initiative, Creative problem solver
If there is a problem, we don't sit around, complain and wait for something to happen--we get right in there, get our hands dirty and fix it. And we go looking for ways to improve before there is even a problem
There is nothing a little duck tape and ingenuity won't fix.  We love diving in with clients to understand a difficult problem and get to the bottom of it.  The answer might involve dance music, scarves, breathing and cotton balls--whatever it takes. 
We take care of ourselves so we can serve each other and our clients with our full self.
Going above and beyond for our clients and our team by being 110% devoted (and always taking time to recharge daily so you can devote). 
Enthusiasm for people, neurology, neuroplasticity, education, research.  Neuro nerd to the core. Health and wellness nuttiness! 

Our Commitment to You

Always learning and growing
Mentorship, learning, Movement Disorders Fellowship, Students, Continuing education
Healthy life = Healthy you = Healthy Clients
Yoga, exercise, meditation, support to keep your healthy
Set your schedule, get it done, make it happen. 


Why join our team

You will have the ability change lives everyday and enjoy your job like never before. 

Independence - Freedom and flexibility to see your clients when and where you want

Mentorship - Mentorship from leaders in the field of neurologic rehabilitation

Opportunity for growth - Got an idea for a new program?  Let's talk!

Learning - Become immersed in a neuro practice with the latest research, technology, ongoing monthly mini courses, and visiting faculty and researchers. You will also be a part of a growing private practice with boundless opportunities for growth as a leader.

Team - Work with an awesome team.  Have you met them?  They are truly amazing!  Smart, fun, dedicated and have the biggest hearts that I have ever met!

Make a big difference - Be involved in the community, meeting unserved needs and educating the world about the numerous benefits of PT. 


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Who is right for this job?

Do you get excited about neuroplasticity, changing lives and problem solving tough cases? 

You are passionate about neuro

You love collaborating with a team

You like to take responsibility 

You are a born problem solver--you love a challenging problem and creatively trying to solve it. 

You want to go above and beyond for your clients, your team and your own clinical excellence. 


  • Outpatient adult neurorehabilitation experience for clients post stroke, TBI, post concussion, chronic pain, functional movement disorders, and Parkinson's disease

  • Cognitive testing

  • 1:1 psychotherapy with an emphasis on a holistic and individualized approach that incorporates mindfulness, CBT and an understanding of the person and their context. 

What you will do

  • Evaluation and treatment with clients with neurologic disorders 

  • Collaboration with the interdisciplinary team

  • Neuropsychology testing as indicated

  • Individual and group cognitive rehabilitation

  • Individual and group psychotherapy

  • Supervision of psychology interns

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