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re+active EDS/POTS/MCAS program

Become more active again by learning tools to manage your EDS, POTS, and/or MCAS!

We specialize in a whole person and  team-based approach to assessment and treatment.   We perform evidence based assessments and treatment.

Our assessments include:

  • Hypermobility and joint stability assessment

  • Proprioceptive/body awareness sensory test

  • Body mechanics and ergnomics

  • Autonomic testing and biofeedback

  • Exercise/activity tolerance

  • Lifestyle risk & supportive factors

  • Cognition

  • Emotional health

Work with our expert therapists who understand the ins and outs of the these conditions. 

Apply online for our program to see if you are a good fit. After we receive your application, we will set up a free consult with you to see if this is a good fit for you. 

Our program includes:

  • Physical therapy

  • Occupational therapy with a focus on lifestyle interventions like cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, energy management, and mindfulness.

  • Psychology for emotional and cognitive brain health and mind+body practices

  • Yoga therapy with a specialist who takes your hypermobility into account

  • Fitness and personal training

  • Coordination with other medical and professionals

What will an integrated program look like?

  • The amount of therapy depends on the person.  We have both intensive outpatient program 3-5 days per week for a minimum of two weeks or a more extended program over a longer period of time. 

  • Generally for POTS, we recommend a longer duration program of 2~9 months. Your program may include breaks from therapy, and reduced frequency as you progress.

  • Our program is billable to insurance.

Our philosophy:

  • Our philosophy of treatment is to understand you as a whole person, including body and brain connections, your environmental influences, and underlying neurologic and musculoskeletal issues. We focus on a neuroplasticity approach to improving and maintaining your movement and function and preventing decline so that you are empowered with the tools and resources for self-treatment.   

  • We believe in living a full life with EDS/POTS/MCAS! We join you on a journey (and you are in the driver's seat) and are part of an interdisciplinary team that includes your physician, psychologist and other health professionals.  We also discuss and prepare for flare-ups and changes along your journey. 

  • Our therapy approach is strongly influenced by the research and principles of neuroplasticity.  We are driven by the idea that we can re-establish healthy connections through movement, motor control, sensory training, autonomic control and addressing underlying physical limitations.  We implement a strong motor learning approach to treatment including graded motor imagery and principles of autonomy, external focus and enhanced expectations.  

Some of our approaches for you might include...

Treatment guide for POTS, EDS, MCAS. This includes Education & Lifestyle (supporting medical plan, OT, activity modification, pacing), Autonomic nervous system regulation (grounding, breathing, mindfulness, weighting, having fun), External supports (starting with least to the most support, compression, education), sensory training (proprioception, weighting, compression, external cues), body mechanics, and graded exercise program (POTS protocol, core strengthening, done in recumbent, etc)
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