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Personal training for Parkinson's, is it for me?

personal training with Jazzy

Being stuck with the same exercises day after day is just no fun!

Have you thought about taking your exercise program to the next level? Personal Training can help with that!

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How can personal training benefit someone with PD?

Exercise has been proven to have great benefits in Parkinson’s Disease. It can help decrease stiffness, decrease and prevent depression, improve balance and strength, and it provides the potential to slow and prevent the progression of physical and cognitive decline through neuroplasticity. A trainer can provide you with the exercise tools such as aerobic, resistance, and skilled training that can help.

How is personal training different from group classes?

While group classes can provide a fun way to practice Parkinson’s specific exercises, they are not individualized. Classes are structured in a way to benefit many people at once and at time and sometimes it can be too easy or even too hard to do. Personal training is structured for you and your goals specifically.

Is it convenient?

Personal training is set up at your time. If you are not a morning person you can always schedule your workout time for later in the afternoon. You also decide if you need training one to three times per week and for the year or just a few months.

Who can train me?

I recommend that you work someone who is certified in personal training to provide you with the proper tools to help you succeed. Most personal trainers for Parkinson’s Disease are certified through PWR (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery) or LVST BIG. They have certified instructors who have completed courses in Parkinson’s specific exercise. Our instructors at re+active are all PWR! certified.

We have an awesome limited time offer for personal training sessions--check it out here if you are interested.

Got more questions--I would love to hear from you. Email me at

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